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What we can learn about edtech from Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way schools and institutions teach. Adopting new technology and remote learning to continue delivering classes became a priority. For many teachers, this wasn't a simple case of doing classes online — it was changing the way they engaged students and delivered content. So, what can we learn about edtech from this global pandemic? 


Technology can help


Technology has become increasingly integrated with education in recent years. The ability to deliver content in exciting and dynamic ways has allowed classes to be more engaging. No longer are teachers and students bound to books from the school library. There is a whole range of education-based technology, games and online classes aimed at making students more engaged. 

The benefits of education technology were highlighted when classes had to be delivered online. Many students were able to learn remotely using video conferencing and cloud-based platforms. Without technology, schools would have come to a grinding halt and students left behind. 


Remote learning should be here to stay


Remote learning has become an important part of the Covid-19 response for most schools. Although it was not an easy change, the systems in place to support students learning from home could have lasting positive impacts. 

Having access to recorded classes could provide a positive step in supporting students. On average, students miss 25% of what their teacher says every day. Providing recorded classes allows students to learn things they have missed during the day and catch up if they are absent. 


Supporting every student


The sudden change from the classroom to the computer highlighted the varied learning styles of each student. The change was simple for some, but for others, it meant changing the entire way they learnt. Technology allows students to engage in class content in different ways — opening new opportunities to cater to every student. 

Like many industries, education has been heavily affected by Covid-19. However, in the wake of the pandemic, there is great potential to rethink how we approach education and utilise new technology is an ever-changing world.