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Why teachers should record their classes

Digital technology is becoming an increasingly important part of every classroom. For most teachers, this rise in education technology can help them engage students and make their job easier. So, here is why teachers should record their classes.  


Students can access content when they need it


Recording classes are a great way to engage with students and allow them to connect with content regularly. They provide students with the ability to access classes whenever they need — helping improve study habits and learning outcomes. On average, students miss 25% of what a teacher says every day. Providing audio or video recordings of classes allows students the opportunity to learn something they may have missed. When students are doing homework, this is a fantastic resource to ensure they get the most out of their education.


Consistency — even at home.


Assisting with homework can be difficult and time-consuming for many parents. Often curriculums have changed and parents can't afford the time to help their child with homework. Lesson recordings can help them assist with homework without the stress of it. Parents can use the recordings to help their child learn and ensure the content is being understood correctly — especially if the child was absent from the class.


No student left behind


Students being absent from class is an unavoidable part of being a teacher. Unfortunately, it often means students don't learn parts of the curriculum unless the teacher is willing to take time to catch them up. Lesson recordings allow students to access the class in their own time — ensuring they learn everything and easing pressure on the teacher.

With more access to broadband and technology, now is the perfect time to start utilising lesson recordings. They are a great way to engage students, ensure the best possible learning outcomes and ease pressure on busy teachers and parents